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A - All our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized. We take pride in our products and make sure all our customers are completely satisfied with their rental.

B - Be safe. We want all our customers to be safe in our bounce houses. For this reason we require parental supervision while the bounce house or other rental / ride is in use.

C - Cancellation - We understand things happen. Like any other business in the event industry we do charge for a cancellation if the order is cancelled after event is scheduled and confirmed by the customer. This will be a 20% fee of your order. When customers book with us we take this product out of our "available inventory" and put it on hold for you. Any fees will be charged to the credit card on file. Customers may use this as credit for 30 days.

D - Deliveries - We provide local delivery to the North County, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Valley Center, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Rancho Bernardo areas for small bounce house orders. For larger events and other local cities please inquire.

E - Excellence - We strive to give our customers excellent service. We've been in the event rental business for over 15 years and do our best to make things right.

F - Family - We are a small local family owned business.

G - Generators - Most parks do not have power for us to plug the air fan into, so a generator would be required and must be obtained through us. A generator is not required for home deliveries. We will plug the air fan into your home outlet.

H - Happy Customers - We want happy customers. Safe customers are happy customers. All our inflatables are in excellent condition, they are clean and safe.

I - Inspected - All our inflatables are inspected before and after each rental to ensure there are no safety issues and to make sure it is clean and safe.

J - Jumping -  is allowed and encouraged in our bounce houses. Jumping is exercise and is good for kids, safe and aerobic excercise.

K - Keeping things simple. It's easy to book a reservation. Just give us a call or fill out an order online. We will reach out to you within 24 hrs. to go over your request. All our prices are listed on the website. Delivery rates vary depending on your location. Click on "Delivery Rates" to check your area.

L - Liability - There are inherent risks in the participation in or use of any amusement, recreational activity, ride, device, and or attraction, including but not limited to inflatable jumpers, slides, obstacle courses, jousting, bungee run, water slides, laser tag, sumo suits, etc. It is impossible to eliminate all risks even when following all reasonable safety guidelines and precautions. By participating, you, the customer, patron, or guardian understand these inherent risks and by participation which includes rental and use of rented items, you agree and understand there may be injuries, which could be small, severe, or even fatal. Galaxy Jumps is NOT liable for any injuries that may occur from use or participation in or around our inflatable jumpers, rides, or other equipment. Attendees play at their own risk. Supervision is required at all times.

M - Maintenance - Keeping our jumpers cleaned and maintained is of the utmost importance. After each rental we will vacuum, clean and sanitize it to ensure it's clean for the next customer.

N -  No stairs - We do not bring our jumpers up and down stairways. We need a free and clear pathway to the set up area. Our jumpers weigh between 200 and 350 lbs. and are too heavy to lift up stairs.

O - Ordering - It's easy to order. Just give us a call, or email us. Have a credit card handy. We'll email you a confirmation for you to verify.

P - Parks - We do not rent in city of county parks. We can in some hoa parks as long as they don't require insurance.

Q - Quality - We provide quality products.

R - Reliability - We want our customers to know they can rely on us to be there, on time to set up your bounce house.

S - Service - Galaxy Jumps will provide you with the best service in the industry. We pride ourselves on the QSR - quality / service / reliability.

T - Time - Normal rental period is up to 5-6 hours, however we must pick up prior to sunset. When the sun goes down, dew sets and get the jumpers wet all over. We don't want to roll our jumpers up wet, as this may cause mold / mildew.

U - Un-acceptable surfaces - We need to set our bounce houses on clean grass, a concrete or asphalt driveway, wood deck, or other clean flat non-dusty surface. We do not set jumpers in areas of plain dirt, rocks, wood chips, dirt and weeds, or on DG.

V - Value - We do not rent cheap jumpers like some companies out there. We want all our customers to see the value in their rental. This is why we spend so much to buy new units with great designs for kids and adults to enjoy, clean and take care of them.

W - Water is NOT allowed on our dry inflatable rentals. If we see water has been used on our "dry" inflatables there will be a fee for cleaning and drying.

X - I have always wanted to have X-ray vision since I was a kid. I was disappointed when I bought x-ray glasses and they didn't work. Lol.

Y - Yes we work 7 days a week.

Z - Hope to Zee you for your next event.