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In 2008 our family set out on a venture to create a business where kids and adults can have fun. Bring on Galaxy Jumps! We can create the easiest party ever. With a variety of different inflatable fun jumpers, obstacle courses, dunk tanks. Kids can run around, bounce around, climb and slide, and race eachother through obstacle courses, safely and have fun. Our common goal is Quality, Service, and Reliability. With complete customer satisfaction in mind, trust us to create your special day and make it the best ever. All our Galaxy Jumps equipment is cleaned and sanitized before each use.

We appreciate all our customers and will treat you as our Galaxy Jumps family.

Galaxy Jumps Bouncers...

Check out our Galaxy Jumps Bouncers. We have several sizes available. Just like a pizza... small - medium - large.

11x11 - 13x13 - 15x15 ft. Our Galaxy Jumps bouncers are safe and fun. With parental supervision kids can have a fun time bouncing around all day with friends.

Galaxy Jumps Combo Jumpers...

Check out our Galaxy Jumps "Combo Jumpers". A combo jumper is basically a jumper with a slide. You may find we have a variety of combo jumpers with slides on the inside and slides on the outside. A combo jumper with a slide on the inside may be better on a hot day because the sun won't shine on the slide and make it hot. Kids only go down a hot slide once!.

Galaxy Jumps Inflatable Slides... Inflatable slides are measured by the height of the slide. A 16 ft slide - is 16 feet tall. All our slides are safe. WIth parental supervision kids and adults can have fun climbing and sliding all day. Double your fun and rent an inflatable slide with your jumper rental. Kids will have a great time.

Galaxy Jumps Water Slides...

Our Galaxy Jumps Water Slides are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day! Typical water slides have a pool at the bottom so kids just climb up and slide down and splash into the pool below. Parental supervision is requred at all times.

Galaxy Jumps Obstacle Courses...

Ready... set... Go!!! With our Galaxy Jumps Obstacle Course rentals, kids and adults can have fun racing eachother side by side through inflatable pop ups, over log jams, up and over the barrier and slide out to the end. Whoever is out first wins!

Galaxy Jumps Interactive Rentals...

Galaxy Jumps has a great variety of Interactive Rentals such as Sumo Suit Wrestling, Bouncy Boxing, Gladiator Joust, Dunk Tank Rentals, Cash Cube Rentals, Kids Basketball toss, Bungee Run, Wacky Trick Racing, and more.

We hope we have provided some information here. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or send us an email.

Thank you

Galaxy Jumps Family